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Case Report

Volume 5, Number 1-2, April 2015, pages 186-191

Human Embryonic Stem Cells in the Treatment of Patients With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Case Series


Table 1. Demographic Characteristics of Patients
CasesAge (years)Admitted onChief complaintsDNA analysisCPK (before treatment) (IU/L)CPK (after treatment) (IU/L)Immunohistochemistry
116April 26, 2010Loss of balance, scoliosis, inability to stand or walk, sit straight and turn on sides and wheelchair bound since 2005Partial dystrophin gene deletion spanning exons 5 to 73,307976-
213April 12, 2006Muscle weakness in all muscle groups (proximal > distal), stiffness in wrist and fingers, tightness of all joints, impaired fine hand functions, difficulty in holding pen and poor hand grip, unable to stand or walk, poor sitting balance an wheelchair bound since 2 years-1,775572Negative for dystrophin 1 and 3 while reduced and patchy for dystrophin 1
36June 19, 2006Muscle weakness (proximal > distal), decreased stamina, difficulty in standing and inability to walk properlyA deletion in the dystrophin gene of exon 446,922412Negative for Dys 2, but reduced and patchy for Dys 1
414June 11, 2004Muscle weakness, flexion deformity in B/L elbows and knees, inability to turn on sides and lift his arms or legs without support-23431220-
521July 2008Muscle weakness (proximal > distal), inability to stand or walk even with support, difficulty in turning himself, impaired hand functions and wheelchair bound-1,198640Dys l, 2, 3, alpha, beta, gamma, delta sarcoglycans showed normal staining pattern