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Volume 7, Number 4-5, October 2017, pages 80-84

Comparative Study of the Prognosis of Ischemic Cerebral Stroke Subtypes


Table 1. Correlation Between Etiological Stroke Subtypes and Stroke Outcome
TOASTOutcome (N, %)TestP value
Favorable (N = 28)Unfavorable (N = 15)
Cardio-embolic stroke310.7213.30.250.239
Large vessel stroke621.41066.62.920.003
Small vessel stroke1657.216.73.22< 0.001
Cryptogenic stroke310.7213.30.250.239


Table 2. Correlation Between Stroke Severity on Admission and Stroke Outcome
NIHSSOutcome (N, %)TestP value
Favorable (N = 28)Unfavorable (N = 15)
NIHSS: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.
Mild1760.700.03.88< 0.001
Very severe00.0426.72.860.041


Table 3. Correlation Between the Site of Stroke and its Outcome
OCSPOutcome (N, %)TestP value
Favorable (N = 28)Unfavorable (N = 15)
OCSP: Oxford Community Stroke Project; PACS: partial anterior circulation stroke; POC: posterior circulation stroke; LAC: lacunar stroke; TAC: total anterior circulation stroke.


Table 4. Correlation Between the Size of Stroke and its Outcome
Lesion sizeOutcome (N, %)TestP value
Favorable (N = 28)Unfavorable (N = 15)
< 1.5 mm (small)1864.2213.33.190.001
1.5 - 3 mm (medium)932.2853.41.350.177
3 mm (large)13.6533.32.860.007